SMART Clicker and Semantic Marker™ Messaging (EU®)

9.27.23 v9.6 MQTT Groups & M5QRCodeReader


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1. Messages


2. Commands to your Device

2.2 Timer Commands to your device

2.3 Device Names managed by your Agent (bot)

Note: these are not sent to the devices, just to your agent bot. The DeviceName pulldown will change on refresh.

2.4 Manage Actual Device

Note: these are messages sent directly to the devices in the above pulldown (without your agent(bot) knowing).

There is a seperate step previously (just above) called "Device Names Managed by your agent" to inform your agent(bot).


GROUP Messaging

Manages sending messages to specific message groups, which allows for multiple different users accounts to share feed and status commands.

3. M5 Specific Commands

Message mostly managing the M5 Display or functions the M5 smart clicker manages with the other IoT devices

SMART Button IoT Recording via Semantic Marker™ Flows



Semantic Marker™ SMART Button

SMART Button Name
SMART Category
My SM Address
Full Semantic Marker™
QRAvatar URL
Is Circular QRAvatar
SMART Deck Links
SMART Buttons
Inherited SM Address
Next Flow URL
Flow Date
Is Private
Is Indirect SM
Indirect SM Link
Location of SM in world
Audio SM Address
Is Data
Data SM Address
Artifacts SM Address
VideoSM Address
Knowledge Shark Matrix
Knowledge Shark Wave Address
Future Text Area
Language Translations
SMART Messaging
Bridge MQTT Topic Info

Current Semantic Marker™ Flows

DOCFOLLOW SemanticMarker™ Example Messages

OTA Over the Air Updates

Revert to MAIN OTA

QA OTA Test Updates

DEV OTA Test Updates

USER and GROUP Account Setup

The following messages are system password protected so ask your administrator at PetTutor or iDogWatch for updates

Connect to Access Point (AP) - wifi

Semantic Marker™

Create your own Semantic Marker™ for feeding any of your named devices. if device is --ALL- then it's /feeedguest/pass/guestpass but if specific name then /feedguestdevice/pass/guestpass/dev Provide a URL of an image, and that will be used inside your SemanticMarker™
This will also be your guest feed so your main password is protected.


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