Semantic Marker™ - Advanced Optical Visual Markers

Semantic Marker™ Trademark Status

SemanticMarker EU® ... for 2023

Semantic Marker ® European Union Registered International Trademark #1663357, Oct 18, 2022.

SemanticMarker ™ USPTO Trademark Registration Soon..

Other International Submissions as well...

Semantic Marker™ With Embedded Images

Images help your visual search for Optical Markers of interest

Another example of embedding an image (refresh if not shown)

Semantic Marker™ Download your own

Create your own Semantic Marker™ by providing a URL of an image and a SMART1 Address

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1. SMART: Semantic Marker™ Augmented Reality of Things
2. Semantic Marker™ Address to run your SMART IoT Things
3. Example SMART IoT Things from and

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