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Innovative Optical Visual Marker Processing

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Finally an approved Semantic Marker® app

Kona Currents, LLC introduces a new approach for interacting with our technologically rich environment - such as Smart Devices and Internet of Things (IoT). Special optical visual markers, we call a Semantic Marker® such as two-dimensional optical code images and barcodes, come alive through interactive feedback with the environment; continual scanning will send secure internet messages to IoT devices (like to the IoT dog feeder in video) and even show unique interactive Augmented Reality graphic overlays based on contextually and semantically relevent information (can you say Minority Report!). (See Video)

  • Image is from IoT Dog Feeder - Augmented Reality (AR) Video
  • Click to see Wheel Chair IoT Dog Feeder Deployment
  • Available in other physical medium like 3d Printed

    Think of the potential agency afforded to disadvantaged, disabled or frustrated users: they can now just point a smart device at a printed image and magic comes alive. Additionally, the Semantic Marker® leads to a revitalized Remote Eduction vision (see below).

  • Kona Currents, LLC offers downloadable software and apps for creation, collection, processing, and management of optical visual markers we call Semantic Marker®. An innovative text and optical search engine is included, along with an API for processing optical labels, barcodes and two-dimensional codes. These optical image and data files are downloadable for internal and external use.

  • Public Kona Currents, LLC GitHub Repository
  • Download Github Semantic Marker® REST & MQTT API
  • Download Github software for Semantic Marker® for ESP-32 Devices and ESP-32 Firmware
  • Purchase PetTutor IoT Dog Feeder (with Semantic Marker® inside)
  • Explore our unique M5Atom Semantic Marker® Scanner

    Image shows the Semantic Marker® in the ESP32 embedded device, changing dynamically so scanning will continually show device status and other information, and invoke IoT messaging (like feed the dog).

  • Kona Currents, LLC provides a multitude of services supporting the Semantic Marker® including Software as a Services (SAAS) and Cloud Computing. These help users create and manage optical vision marker processing and storage. Various published APIs, message and internet protocols allow apps to interact with our Cloud Services.

  • View Semantic Marker® REST API
  • Learn about the API and Message Protocols

    Diagram shows some of the Cloud Interaction Architecture.

  • Message invocation uses Cloud Computing Message Center (requires account)

    We also offer design and development services for Computer Science application of these new optical visual markers.

  • Architectural Concepts are included in article: My Five (5) Computer Science Genre's
  • And taught through our Knowledge Shark Computer Science Education.

  • Kona Currents, LLC offers a unique Remote Education and IoT processing app for creation, collection, processing, search, and messaging of optical visual markers we call Semantic Marker®. An innovative text and optical search engine is included, along with an API for processing optical markers, barcodes and two-dimensional codes.

    These optical image and data files are downloadable for internal and external use. This app interacts through published API's with Cloud Computing services. The app will communicate via MQTT pub/sub messaging among a suite of IoT devices, as well as using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) directly to devices, which is especially useful to set credentials such as WIFI passwords for the IoT devices (ie. ESP 32 devices).

  • Download Semantic Marker® app

    Images show the iOS App on an iPhone, and the Apple Watch for remote IoT messaging (eg. Feed the dog), and the Semantic Marker® display (zoomed to the auto generated Photo Avatar for the SMART button with current values). This is an example of Tier III capabilities described below when creating your own Semantic Marker®.

  • The Semantic Marker® enables a new approach for Remote Education, Training, Customized User Manuals, or just remote help for disadvantaged users. A Semantic Marker® optical visual search engine, combined with APIs for cloud and collaborative Messaging, allows a new way for group visual marker use. Using remote sharing tools, like the popular Zoom or Facetime, Semantic Markers can be shown visually (or sent via email and text) and the other side can invoke those markers.

    This is different than just going to a web page (like the product web site, or the restaurant menu). With a powerful hierarchical addressing scheme, SMART Buttons can inherit functionality from other optical labels (even creating a customized user manual that invokes IoT messaging.)

  • Click to see Remote Education potential for Wheel Chair IoT Dog Feeder Deployment

    Image shows how presenting an image can be invoked by the various end users across the internet. Instead of saying "turn to page 5" over the remote meeting, the presenter can show an image and say "turn to the page where this optical marker resides" in your material. The Semantic Marker® aware tool, such as Pdf browser, optically searches for that image and automatically shows that page (or user inherited variations, eg. your homework assignment.) Remote Education or Remote Training gets exciting again.

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  • Kona Currents, LLC offers 3 tiers of Semantic Marker® service, with Tier II and Tier III requiring an account (advantages listed below.) (Click for more info)

    1. Semantic Marker® Indirection
    2. Semantic Marker® Store and Forward
    3. Semantic Marker® SMART Button Management
      (SMART = Semantic Marker® Augmented Reality of Things)
  • Photo Avatar
    Included with Tier I, II, III
  • Tier III includes Interactive Live Photo Avatar

    Use our service to create your own Tier I. Semantic Marker® by providing a URL of a Photo Avatar Image and a SMART Semantic Marker® Address (or just click Create and defaults will be provided. Reset will let you try another.)

    Avatar URL customizes your Semantic Marker

    Choose a Circular or Square embedded Avatar image, and click 'Create' again

    Checks if your avatar address is valid

    SMART - Semantic Marker® Augmented Reality of Things to run your IoT Devices

    Example: https://SemanticMarker.org

    Display the special SMART Semantic Marker ® in a new window

    Advantages of your own Tier II and Tier II Semantic Marker® Service Account from SemanticMarker.org
    1. Processing control of your markers (changing definitions, keeping counts of use, and multi language options)
    2. SMART IoT Message Processing through reusable hierarchical addresses and MQTT pub/sub
    3. Your own storage for your images (Photo Avatars) and the resulting SMART Buttons
    4. High resolution Semantic Marker® (enlarge and place on your vehicles, buildings, etc)
    5. Downloadable Apps and Web Services including Augmented Reality overlays and Bluetooth control
    6. Optional trusted processing of only SemanticMarker.org approved optical vision markers
    7. Interactive Live Photo Avatars

  • Kona Currents, LLC offers services for Software Design, Development and Computer Science education showcasing the potential of new software architecture formalisms especially suited to Internet of Things (IoT) and our Semantic Marker®.

  • Read about our IoT Vision

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